Artisan Breads Fresh Baked

Ferra Bakery is so happy to continue to serve our community with delish fresh goodies. 

See you at the Market! 

Stop by in Fernandina Beach for the artisan breads or cookies! We also go to the  St. Augustine Ampitheater or Jacksonville Beach!

(904)-762-3455 St. Augustine Fernandina Beach Jacksonville

Popular Items


Greek Spinach Pie

Baked with spinach, feta cheese, and olive oil... wrapped in FILO dough! 

Apple Strudel

Made with fresh sliced gala-apples that are coated in cinnamon. Then wrapped in filo dough with olive oil. No added sugar inside! That's a bakery that cares!

Focaccia Bread

These artisan breads are great for a party, regular dinner, or anything else you can think of. Soft dough, with vegetable oil and basil throughout, we have 4 flavors and they are all to die for!! 

Ferra Bakery is now offering:

Catering & Wholesale

Whether you would like a dozen apple strudels, need to supply new items in your store, or for any other reason, we are now offering discounted prices for larger orders.

About Us

Early Mornings


In order to provide the highest quality products, Rudi and the rest of our family bakery staff bake throughout the night to bring artisan breads to you at your local farmers market! 

Handcrafted Goods


Our products include a large variety of artisan breads made from scratch. We also hand make all of our pastries in order to provide the authentic taste that we all love. And, with 20 years under his belt, Rudi uses recipes from generations before to create mouthwatering masterpiece. 

Where to Find Us


We operate out of our commercial warehouse bakery in Jacksonville. In order to serve more of our communit, we bake our products the morning of and bring them to a variety farmers markets all over Northeast Florida.